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Dewey Fundamental Elementary's Mission and Vision Statement

Valuing community and academic excellence, the mission of Harry Dewey Fundamental Elementary School is to inspire and educate each child to be a vibrant part of a community of life-long learners who embrace stewardship of their world, and develop creative problem-solving skills and confidence through a focus on the whole child—mind, body, heart—that includes innovative instruction, strong character development and essential family participation in a safe, supportive environment.

Mind, Body, Heart
Where the Whole Child Matters
Our school’s mission is to provide an excellent educational experience for all of our students.
The Dewey community values and emphasizes these integral components:


  • We provide structured learning environments.
  • We provide emphasis on basic skills.
  • We provide high academic expectations.
  • We foster kind, respectful and accepting behavior.
  • We teach students to be problems solvers.


  • We focus on teaching self-discipline.
  • We focus on safety.
  • We focus on perseverance.
  • We provide opportunities to learn Visual Art, Physical Fitness and Music.
  • We promote healthy lifestyle choices.


  • We encourage responsible citizens.
  • We encourage pride in accomplishments.
  • We encourage respect for self, others, and property.
  • We encourage community commitment.
  • We encourage an embracing of diversity.

Improving our minds…Nurturing ourselves…Caring for each other